Friday, March 22, 2013

Still at school

So, I'm almost through a second term at university. It's my third year, and I'm looking forward to graduating next year. I had no time to write on my blog, but I have a short interim between projects. My main subjects are Novel, Novella writing (doing a Fantasy novel) and Stage Play scripting. I'm also doing Poetry, Liberal Studies, Non-Creative Writing, Astronomy, and a whole bunch more. Busy, busy, busy.
Here's a poem I wrote last year:

Burden of a Shadow

Snow, carries the shadows of
trees without leaves,
draws lines like scratches on blank pages,
up and over the white hills,
weaving patterns of crazy designs.

The movement of little
birds left behind through the winter,
flutter to and 'fro, they
speckle the landscape with
grey darts of fragmented haze.

Through the clouds, the
sun spotlights the pristine ground,
throws blue and purple, shifting
like sand dunes, as it
arcs westwards through
the northern sky.

What burden are these shadows? Though
painted across the frosty fields, and
sketched along the edge of
the icy forest, like an
ever-changing mural, it

doesn't carry the weight of a butterfly.

Yellow daisies

Yellow daisies
taken in Nanaimo

White daisies

White daisies
field of daisies taken in Nanaimo