Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Avengers movie


I've gone to see this movie twice now - in 3D and 2D, within the same week ... not my norm at all.  Hunger Games?  What's that? Kidding ..... :D

So, here's my opinion:

I feel the interaction between the hero/ine characters (and even the anti-hero character, Loki) had some fantastic lines, and they made a dynamic team although their coming together was tense at first.  I see many sequels in the future. 

When I was waiting in line with my daughter and friends, we discussed who our favourite character was.  I liked Thor, but also Ironman. After watching The Avengers, however, The Incredible Hulk moved to the top. I never did like the The Incredible Hulk comics, but in the movie he had some real issues, both good and bad (I loved how he had that split personality thang going), and the best line, "puny god", spat out after thrashing poor Loki like a ragdoll, was classic.

There was so much action, and comedy, and drama, that there was very little pause in the movie.

Actor/Character Specifics:

I loved that Robin (Cobie Smulders as agent Maria Hill) from How I met your Mother tv fame, was cast as a strong leader. And, Scarlett Johanssen, Black Widow (or Natasha Romanoff) kicked ass. Two very strong female protagonists.

I've always been a huge fan of Robert Downey Jnr. ... Sherlock Holmes immediately comes to mind. To me, he's on a par with Johnny Depp. 

Chris Hemsworth as Thor ... what can I say?  Um ... yum!  I love his voice, and ... well, everything.

Chris Evans, as Captain America, was slow to start off, but once he jumped out of that jet .... wow. I enjoyed how he took charge during the battle. I guess he's the only true soldier out of all the heroes. Black Widow and Hawkeye are agents ... a very different thing to being a leader in a battle.  Thor is a god of Asgard, the hulk is a battering ram in his greenlike fury, and Ironman is a genius, dry humoured "trillionaire", used to getting his own way.  They all played their parts very well.

I like Mark Ruffalo as an actor, although some of his movies have been a little weird, for instance, The Kids are Alright.  He rocked as the hulk.

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, played an intense character, first being a slave of Loki, then changed back, by Black Widow.  To me he was very much a foil to the rest of the heroes.

I have tried to think of something that drew my one eyebrow up:  
  1. A flying aircraft carrier seemed unbelievable at first, but once the action started, my belief was definitely suspended. In 3D it was awesome, but also in 2D.
  2. Nick Stark's patch with the weird squiggles emanating from it, was a little off-putting. It looked painted on.  But, Samuel L. Jackson took to part well, as he does with everything he does.
  3. It sucked when Agent Coulson died (or, did he?), but at least he went with drama and humour. I still wonder if he'll be back.
  4. I think it would be a good idea to watch the Ironman, and Thor movies, to have an idea about the characters, although not imperative.
Overall, this movie was beyond brilliant.  One of those that you could watch over and over, like Lord of the Rings, or Starwars, or Star Trek, or The Pirates of the Caribbean, or Indiana Jones, or ..... y'all get my drift, I'm sure.

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