Monday, June 27, 2011

A fun "I" thingie

... that I borrowed from someone else's blog, who stole it from their friend's blog, and that's as far as it went.  Here it is:

I am - melancholy at the moment
I think - my grandchildren are so cute
I want -
to continue learning
I have - great children, and live in a beautiful place
I wish - there was peace worldwide, but that is unlikely to happen

I hate - nothing, but I dislike lies and the decimation of the forests, and the earth's oceans, etc.
I miss - my grandchildren
I fear - I won't have enough time to get to know my grandchildren, and finish what I have started

I feel -
hopeful and wondrous at the things I am still learning at this age.  Just amazing planet.
I hear - at this point, I hear the show "Big Bang Theory" at which my son is watching
and laughing
I smell - my garden has the smell of spearmint and oregeno
I search - for inner inspiration
I wonder - what my mission on earth is
I regret - shouting at my children ... ever
I love - that my hair grew back after cancer ... and then some.  I also love the laughter of small children.
I always - find pennies in the weirdest places ... even had one fall on me in an empty movie theatre (pennies from heaven?)
I am not - skinny, I am cuddly
I dance - for joy when I am happy
I sing - alone
I don't always -
wear make-up, in fact, just lipstick really
I write - on my blog and facebook, but now that it's summer, I am stumped with  writing my stories
I lose - my memory of words sometimes ... thank goodness for thesaurus'

I never -
break a promise ... so, it is rare that I make them ... hehehehe
I listen - to the birds in the morning before getting up
I can usually be found - sitting at my desk
I'm scared - of spiders
I read - just about anything, but I do favour sci-fi

I'm happy about - living in the "now"

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Yellow daisies

Yellow daisies
taken in Nanaimo

White daisies

White daisies
field of daisies taken in Nanaimo