Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Stand for Israel

No, I am not Jewish.  Well, maybe a drop of blood, but that was from an ancestor two generations back.  But, if there is any country besides my own, that I will stand beside and help defend in whatever capacity I can, then that country is Israel.  I am so glad that our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper is on their side, and sees it as the only true democratic country in the middle east.  I am sick of the lies and manipulations perpetrated against Israel (and the sacrifices of the "Palestinian" people by the Arabian countries to this "cause").  We see again, the start of another pogrom against the Jews, but this time, it's global.  The general population of the world believe those who are shouting the lies, that there was no holocaust (there most certainly was, where 6 million people were murdered by the nazi regime merely because they were Jewish), that there was a country called Palestine (none ... it was an area within the Ottoman Empire), and so many other histories of that area being rewritten to try and make Israel unlawful as a country or to debunk the history of the Jewish nation.

The Canadian Islamic Congress said:  "It's not time that we speak on who is right and who is wrong. I think it is time that innocent people in Gaza and Israel be protected." I argue that it is more than past the time that we speak of right and wrong.  Why are the Islamic areas not allowing the Palestine people the right to assimilate into their countries?  They are being forced to live in refugee camps by the very people who should be helping them.  After the war, all Jews were evicted from Islamic countries in the area.  Why could no space be made for the refugees who wanted to leave Israel?  Even someone married to a non-Palestinian cannot be a citizen.  (see interesting Aish article)  I have to wonder why Islam is worried about a people who comprise less than 1% of the world's population. 

I urge Christians to read the book, Is G-d finished with Israel? by Alan Turner.   Check out his website at  It showed me how miraculous it is that Israel even exists today.  I am truly amazed.

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